Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The E-Book, The E-Reader

I've hear some pros and cons on this, and I fall on the pro side of this.  For one, as a student, I find that several books I need from the catalog have been e-books.  I've read them online, and I wasn't bothered by them.  They had info I needed.

Likewise they do not, in my heart replace any hard copy book I've purchased. For me, sometimes I have to lug some heavy books around to get some readings and discoveries completed.  

Now I image having an e-reader might make life a little less complicated.  Not that I would abandon my hard copies, BUT it might be nice to have several books in the palm of my hand and not have to lug books around.!  

Furthermore think of the space I could save in my home with an e-reader. 

Again, I love books, will read them, love having pages to turn and bookmark.  I'm not saying no to books.  In fact I am proud of the books I purchased for my Cinema Studies classes.   They are truly a treasure (one of them is offered as an e-book-what an intriguing prospect).  I am saying yes to trying the e-reader (as pricy as they are) and loving the chance to use a new medium for reading.

Now for the big $259.00 question: The Nook or Kindle as an e-reader.      

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