Thursday, September 25, 2014

Slow to Post Thang Happens

For shame that nothing’s been written here, and today that’s changing. This simple post is a reminder to myself that my personal blog can use some simple, personal touches, like frequent updates. For one, I’m still writing (covered on my writing blog), and I’ve been working on getting an item published.

I grew my facial hair, and the hair on my head out. It’s been looking wild and rough, and I kind like it as an experiment, as I haven’t grown the hair on my head out in years. It’s not as cool as the other thick beards I’ve seen dudes with, but this was a good learning for me. A friend called my look, “bohemian,” which may be a great way to describe it. Speaking of hair, I need to wash the one on the top. Just to get it to clean, and I’ve done my writing quota for the day.

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