Sunday, February 17, 2013

Write More, Darn It

Slowly getting used to my work schedule, and my sleep times, which means I get to write more. Now to pick a topic as my mind goes BLANK. Not doing much at the moment.  My brain froze.  I need to eat: Beef and brocholi for brunch. What can I say, it's good, I feel good, and I love it.  No coffee today. maybe some green tea for energy. Must remember to bring some hot tea to work as well.  or at least a couple of tea bags. 

One of the Halloween films is on Syfy (Halloween H20 Twenty Years Later). Watching a portion of it, slightly interested.  Mainly trying to see how the beginning of act one is established.  Sometimes my curiosity leads to the completion of watching a film. Sometimes it doesn't get past this point.  Meal time.  

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