Monday, April 08, 2013


Today was one of those days where I'been sluggish since getting up.  So sluggish I couldn't find the remote to turn on the TV and the thought of scouring for it meant being fully awake. Not my kinda morning. Had a heavy dinner last night (lima beans and rice), and I should have guessed that I was gonna sleep like a damn rock, and feel like I want to sleep till 1:00 PM (now).

I also, as sluggish as this day is, noticed an interesting memento that needed to do. It was an old calendar that hung on the fridge. I couldn't remember how long it was there, but then I saw the date-2011. Time to get rid of that energy and old memories.  I ripped it to shreds and threw it away.  Up to this point I never knew why I didn't pay any mind to this calendar. I saw it every day and yet I still didn't "see" it. 

The calendar's in the garbage, and I see this disposal as a symbolic and cathartic change of direction. The future is open to all us, and I need to be able to move from where I was, and into a wonderful new options. It held me back in ways and it was such a simple thing to destroy and throw away.   

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