Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dinner Break

Just ate a twice baked potato, and in the back of my head, I'm saying, "I can improve the current recipe." When I made it yesterday, it was more of an experiment based on seeing a show do them. I went for simple as I used two potatoes, and I really wanted to keep it with only two. 

Maybe next week I may retry this. For now its great, and I love what I made. Now sitting back allowing my food to digest and I need to drink more water. Took a few swallows before this sentence. 

Was thinking of Shakespeare earlier as I shelf read, and decided to look up more on him. It brought me back to my undergrad days where I studied several of his works in British Lit and theater classes. It was great. I love my liberal arts background. It makes me feel a little sexier. Yeah, it does.I'm grateful for the experience. 

Off to chillaxing a bit more and listening to Faith Evans songs.

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