Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faux Pas or Get Your Peanut Butter out of My Mothertrucking Chocolate

Social networking is an interesting and viable channel to use.  After all, blogging allows us to speak and communicate with others.  As I use more and more features, I'm learning to cross pollinate.  Hence my Blogger posts go to the Twitter and Facebook feeds, etc.  Life is good.

Every now and then I come across a situation I can only call an underwhelming faux pas which is when someone uses say their Twitter feed to blast someone they're "friends" with on another social network.  How does one even go about trying to mend that fence? It's clear that someone forgot the other was on their feed (or perhaps they didn't). Is this how we want to conduct ourselves? I've noticed  time and time again someone with the gall to make a comment they think others can't see or interpret in a given feed. Is it shallow or pretentious?  It is, but that's besides the point.  Some see themselves as keepers of the just only for the moment when the odds are on their side.  They aren't  for the just when  truth, justice, or vindication is something that is difficult, long, and possibly not in sight at the moment to obtain.  In other words, instant gratification that is both shallow and pretentious.

For the record I'm not talking venting.  We all do that. Venting is (usually) not aimed at one specific person, but at a situation.  I'm talking I'm made at you on Facebook, so I'll tell my Twitter friends.  Or I"'m going to post some BS on FB and hope you can't (or can) read between the lines."  Really?

There are instant and private message features to resolve conflicts, or one could walk up to said person and have a conversation.  Many friends use the aforementioned time-proven methods, and it does make a bad situation better. All could be well in the universe with some consideration.  Should anyone have to deal with an ass-backwards person who in fact doesn't want to resolve the conflict, but egg it on?  Does this make me above or beyond this situation?  No. We're all human and make mistakes, but I feel I need to address this within myself and express my thoughts.

What I'm seeing more and more of is cyber cliques and some of them are trickier than others.  If one of the cliques feel bad on Facebook, they make sure to "code it up" on Twitter or what they think is code and pretend victim status.  When does that end?  When does being a douche allow for intelligent discourse?  Is it supposed to be intelligent, or was it made with the intent of not being caught?

Since I keep talking about "keeping it moving" that's what I need to do, but since I'm asking a question I wonder, should anyone tolerate such behavior?  Again, looking at this as being human, we all make these faux pas, and it would be unfair to want people to be perfect.  They do, however need manners.  Sometimes what we see is a taste of who people really are. Is this who we want to be next to?  Should we be mad and unforgiving over a few faux pas?

Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we're in the same situation, or see it happening more than once, then we already have our answer. It's not a faux pas then. That's outright piss poor behavior. How does one change this?  Keep it moving, and know that in spite of any transaction, you can always do better cause you know better.

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