Saturday, September 01, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 42: Labor Day Weekend

Since I did one blog post already, it's time for a second, and possible third. It's a Labor Day weekend and I'm laying low. Quite frankly with little money at my disposal why not lay low? Why not prepare a simple meal for dinner and enjoy the peace and quiet of this time? I'm gonna make some spaghetti. As luck would have it I have Italian sausage in my freezer to thaw out and use.

Not having money sucks, but I'm focusing on the positive. For example I was inspired with a story and worked on the first draft last night. It was a step in a positive direction to free my mind of negativity and otherwise depressing thoughts. Loving the idea that inspiration takes me places higher than where I am now. The mood lift and inspiration is a blessing and a good thing to keep me moving.

Hadn't been outside but it looks hot. The sun's shining like it wants to be seen and heat us up. For me that means stay indoors and write stuff. I'm obeying my instinct. I do have some writing to develop and I can't do that outside. I can sweat and say, "I should be inside" if I go play outdoors. I got plenty to keep me busy and hopefully produce some results.

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