Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keep It Real

I hope to put my best foot forward in situations, but sometimes even the best foot needs an evaluation. Being good does not mean being a blank slate. It doesn't mean no matter what you have to be kind and benevolent. Being good means your word is your bond. You commit to your decisions. You don't back down.

I'm not perfect in the least. I've failed at several things. I don't expect perfection from others around me. I do, however expect a modest amount of respect. Time and experience taught me that a lot of people aren't aren't always looking for respect. They can't be honest in the least, and most of all they want my respect. I got news for you. You want that respect thats due? You want that loyalty that comes from being down for whatever? You want me to remember that relationships are a two way street? I hear you. I want that too. I also need something else you need to be mindful of: taking these virtues for granted. As patient as I've been in the past, I'm done with it.

No man's patience is infinite. I'm tired and I don't have to be nice about it. The things I want out of life are before me. Time to move away from negative influences and gravitate towards the positive.

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