Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 6: Let Me Turn This Car Around

You sometimes have to make concessions in your life and sometimes its better than nothing.  Having the inability to not pursue some of my favorite endeavors really flattened the tires of inspiration, but today is about bouncing back from perceived defeat.  First, "never give up" sounds good on paper, right?  Yes, it's very feel good phrase, somewhat annoying, but I got love for me, and faith. People have love and faith in my ability to persevere, create, and inspire even when I don't feel like I can. Theres' always something good and true about your support network. Call em up, sent a meal or text, and get that feedback.  They are here to help.

I recognize I'm not identified by my job, and if I were I think my unjust termination would've destroyed me.  Was I proud about working? Was I having a good lifestyle?  Was I working in spite all negativities?  Oh yes I was. keeping up a professional demeanor no matter the process is magic. Somehow this hasn't kept me from being able to live, talk to people, and laugh. I laugh a lot.  I got jokes, stories, amusing adventures I share.  I have my blogs, and I still write.

So in the sense that I get that woe is me feeling when i'm driving through life, let me turn this car around.  I'm going on that highways where the people are happy, productive, and love themselves. One thing to always remember as you see others having what you think is success and you're not.  The grass always looks greener on the other side, however, you don't know what's going on past the surface.  We may be in a post-Post Modern world, BUT everything that looks good, and good for you, and all that glitters ain't gold. Remember those phrases as you get that nagging thought that some are better off cause they have what you don't material wise. For me, prayer, meditation, love and support always gets me through. Getting that good night's sleep, stepping into a new morning, and keeping it moving is a priceless act that pays now, and sows seeds for the future. Invest in yourself. God will help save you.    

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