Monday, June 25, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 3: Me, Hardships, and Unemployment Benefits

A lot of people never have to think about being terminated, and I pray that most never will.  Quite frankly, termination cuts to the bone. In my case, the rug was totally pulled from under me. One day I had a job, the next day, I didn't. I claim unjust termination because of the facts surrounding my termination, and that I received unemployment benefits in spite of my former employer's sly attempt to tap dance around the truth and employee laws. I believe greatness shall come from my experiences. That these horrible transgressions shall be a thing of the past to share with others.

Being terminated for any reason leaves a person in a vulnerable financial and psychological state. After all, how do you explain why you don't have a job anymore to family and friends?  How do you tell your former co-workers what happened to you?  How do you pay your bills, your rent, car repairs, groceries, and subscriptions you may have (like HBO,  magazines, group dues, etc.)? It's quite the hardship, let me tell you.

Adjusting is the hard part. I love my life and the things it brought me to be better in life and succeed.  To give these things up is a huge step backwards.  In fact it puts me near the poverty line. This is very, very scary. At the same time prayer, meditation, family and friends really help lift my spirits.

Loss of my steady income means sometimes I must pay my bills late, and that's a pet peeve of mine. Promptness with bills affords me security and happiness as opposed to bringing my stress levels to new heights, which happens all the time now. Without a steady job, I have no steady income.  I reluctantly kissed the old lifestyle goodbye.  I really can't really relocate for another job because the new apartment complex will want to know how I'm going to pay them, and they don't accept that I "might" get a job. What's that to anyone? Where to do I find the money to relocate? As a friend pointed out to me, in my case, one viable option available to me is moving in with a relative.  

Unemployment benefits saved me from the complete financial crisis that unjust termination brought into my life.  According to employee law; Section 34-8-194 former employees can't collect unemployment benefits if he or she is the cause of their termination.  For example, lateness on a daily basis could not only be grounds for termination, it would mean I couldn't collect unemployment benefits due to it being my fault I was terminated.  For that matter any company violations would apply here.  There were no company violations on my part. I received unemployment benefits.

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