Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 4: Keep Your Head Up

Staying positive after loosing one's job is much easier said than done.  It really kills the good will and mentality to progress or feel satisfied in life.  No matter what the reason is that you're no longer work at your job, you've got to flourish and keep your head up. The opposite is to lay down and accept defeat.  If no one ever says it, "we are worth every bit of success that we once had and then some," I'm saying it for us.  The determination and ability to handle this upset is but a stepping stone in life.  This is but an experience to discuss and to overcome.  We all have strength in the face of adversity.  

Admittedly I was down when I was unjustly terminated, but I know I couldn't rest on this point.  I believe that the experience, the worries, and the fears are all natural.  I went through them. I suffered the woes, but I'm not giving up, and neither should anyone else. In addition to job searches, resume updates, job fairs, and meetings on career/interview improvements, nothing's gelled yet. Still I refuse to give up. Giving up isn't considered because I have to take care of myself.  Also I love working.

Let's face it, jobs do more than give us a paycheck.  Jobs give us structure, routines, and a sense of achievement. Being removed from these productive elements is not only draining, but depressing.  Sadly there's no manual for how to survive this kind of upset.  All that anyone can do is try their hardest to keep their head up. Family and friends kept my spirits moving in a positive direction, as well as prayer, meditation, and any form of distraction I could find, like playing games, TV shows, and looking at old films in my home.

One bad thing I did was watch reality shows. When I was employed I never watched them.  I'm reminded why I didn't like them as I type this post. A lot of the shows are awful and negative.  I wasn't made to hold this kind of drama in my psyche. Attempting to pull away was a hot mess of me being curious, which is not where I need to place my focus. I guess that's as low as I go. I feel lucky because some people don't stop with reality shows.  Substance abuse comes into the picture for some. That's a dark road I pray no one has to fall into.

My only suggestion is to find things that help you take your mind off your woes.  For me writing is one of my strengths, so I'm putting this to use now.  I love to cook, southern/soul food cuisines. Maybe one day I should try baking.  Make a cake from scratch, or a box. So long as it gets made. Music also takes my mind off a lot of heaviness for brief moments at a time.  We gotta keep things progressing.  Don't fall into a slump.  It happened, but we have the power to move away. It's not easy, but then again, the things worth having are never easy to achieve.    

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