Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 2: Where'd That Insurance Go?

For those not in the know the benefits from many full-time jobs are amazing and I loved having insurance.  The power of insurance should never be underestimated. my insurance covered medical expenses.  For a chronic allergy sufferer such as myself, prescribed meds work the best, as my allergies went out of control to a point of barely manageable.  It's not pretty, allergy symptoms, but having coverage was worth it's expense.  Dental and eye exams are very important to me as well.  For those of us who are nearsighted having check-ups mean a lot. I did need to get my health check ups in as well, since I'm not getting younger.

On the job front: New application and my resume submitted to another place of employment.  Let's hope that "kiss of death" is washed out  (I doubt it).  I, however repeat, I'm not giving up. Prayer and meditation helps a lot.  The things I do helps keep me calm, focused, and positive. What I draw additional inspiration from is that I am my own man, and I survive in spite of the things thrown at me.  That's a Haynes thing. Never give up. Never surrender.  Also keep it moving.  Let other people wallow in misery.  The best has yet to come, and we will thrive.    


Joe Bevill said...

Best of luck! It's inspiring seeing you share like this man.

Stacy R. Haynes said...

Thank you, Joe. I hope a new job comes my ways soon. I also hope to inspire people from my situation. I'm glad to hear it inspired you.