Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 5: School's Out (For Now)

For the moment, I can kiss my graduate dreams goodbye for now as looking for a job takes top priority. Sometimes our dreams and goals are on hold, and it feel like there's no light at the tunnel for completion of said dreams. It feels like life's been sucked right out of me, as if my goals and dreams aren't worth a rat's nasty behind at the moment. That really stinks, but as always optimism lives with me, and my peeps remind me all the time that things will get better.

For those who don't have peeps telling them this, and you need to hear it, listen to me now, THINGS WILL GET BETTER.  It does take time and it is a frustrating situation to live through, but we are strong people, and this is but a footnote in our histories. Our strength is being tested by adversity.  I know I've taken a lot of hits.  I've been tested many times, and I manage to come through.  I'll do it again.

In addition to the woes, I'm reevaluating where I obtain my masters degree. While I think highly of my professors, and learned a lot from them, I worked where I went to school, and being unjustly terminated placed the entire university in a different light.  Professors aside, do I -- should I return to a place that treated me in such a poor, disrespectful manner? Would I not be better off in a place where I didn't feel like I was disrespected, and contributed monetarily to a company like the former place of business?  These are things worth contemplating and helping me move onto better prospects. Let me tell you, the best for me has yet to come.

I will say this with most confidence, in the past, my ancestors have been disrespected, and now so have I, but we all endure our struggles, heartaches and pains. We move forward. It is that strength, support, and love that has made all my experiences worthwhile and allowed me to see and move beyond the negatives. Entitlement, works for some, but others such as ourselves put in the time to make sure things are done. I don't have the luxury of entitlement.  I do know what my parents told me, and my grandpaprents, and the stories I've know all my life. You gotta take stands somewhere in your life, or you will fall for anything.

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