Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 8: Re-Employment Program

I found visiting the Department of Labor a challenge at first.  It was busy when I went, long lines and spent the bulk of the morning in there. Still it was good to get that underway because it was needed for my well-being and the transition between my unjust termination and obtaining a new job.

Part of receiving unemployment benefits was getting into the re-employment program. I saw it like a class, and it was a series of lectures and presentations, and I got up early for them. This program helped put some pep in the motor in spite of any former unemployed person's  circumstances. The re-employment program reminded me of how valuable I am, and adds another support system for me to grow and be stronger.

There were a lot of cool benefits and I found myself submitting resumes and applications more and more. The uncool part is that I don't have a job (yet), but the time that passes tells me that kiss of death from an unjust termination lives on.  Nevertheless, I'm not giving up.  As I mentioned yesterday the grass may look greener elsewhere, but we all know different.

As always, stay strong, and never give up.

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