Sunday, July 01, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 9: Irons In The Fire

Yesterday, like most days had me looking for jobs.  Boy is this market tough.  Since I can't move (yet), I need to keep looking, applying, and submitting.  I feel better that I have hope for my future, and my people keep pushing me to look.  Go peeps! Thanks peeps!  Y'all know who you are.  Y'all make my heart and soul dance to you're unwavering support and love.  It's good to be loved. it's good to know happiness, bliss and a sense of peace.  I know it don't pay the bills, but it brings me things money can't buy.

I have some projects that are non-paying, but I love what I do so the money will come if I maintain the flow of production and energy.  needless to say I spend my free time doing things that are free, and hope that things will get better for me.

Neck's very stiff which means my sleep is off, or I used the wrong pillow again, which is much of the same thing.  It will pass, as always.  It's passing now.  Ah, ibuprofen, my friend.

As always this is a brand new day with plenty of potential.  I'm a get busy with a project or five.  This series still being my favorite at the moment.  Life is good.  Could be better, but a Brother keeps his spirits high.    

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