Friday, August 03, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 33: Creativity and Chores

Some more job hunting is on the agenda today, and I forgot to make my morning tea. That irks me only slightly.  I've been at this laptop for a hot moment, and I kinda need a break.  Also I was playing on Facebook a little. Peeps and myself been posting images and I loved the meme about politics and how posting political opinion doesn't change people's minds. Sometimes it simply doesn't, and that all good. I, however will continue to post my cat "politics" cause LOLcats rule everything.

Been writing some stuff down, and working on stories and cinema posts, as well as some laundry, so I guess I'm being productive.  Being very indecisive about writing some more than I was, but perhaps I'm doing too much at one time.  Still, gotta get lost in the material or not do it at all.

Dusted off an old short story to properly format it, and found myself elaborating on the text.  I liked that I did more to push the ideas forward.  I got to a point where I was getting "fussy" so I made a pause in writing.  I hate when I take myself away from the story.  This story so needs a "FTS" (fuck this story) mood so I will write whatever.  All I can say is it was supposed to be a goofy story, and got heavy.  Why do I put myself through the torture of creativity, and  it always "zings" me when I don't want to? I don't think I could give up on writing even if I had to work at a crawl.    Well, fuck this story.  I'm a break it down like an old school love song.  The part where the vocalist really sells thew pain and vocal skills.

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