Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 34: Job Hunting and Other Fine Goods

Job hunting is a damn chore.  It' feels like one should get paid to do it.  Spend the better part of last week going through several places in search of a good job. Last week was fruitless, but worth the effort of finding out it was fruitless.  After all, who gives up on living, or looking like they living? it simply means that I must keep things moving forward.

Still contemplating how to turn a lot of my negatives into positives so that I can put some focus on positive things.  Made some concessions in my bills. What to keep as an ongoing expense, and what I can reduce.  Certainly I need to eat, but found myself shopping with a conservative eye and wallet.   I hate it when steak's off the menu.  I'll have to get back to steak cause I want it. Have to be practical too.  A yummy steak is worth waiting on.  Can't you see that delicious ribeye marinated overnight, then cooked to perfection? That reminds me, I need to buy a new frying pan, when the time comes.  So a new pan and steak shall one day come to me.  I have faith it will.

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