Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 38: Sundaze

It's a Sunday and I told myself to get out of the house for a drive, and I did that.  Of course while on the road I had all sorts of thoughts I couldn't write down because I was driving, but I'd have to remember them for when I returned home. Decided that I'm not having my Sunday latte mainly cause I drank too much sweet tea yesterday and that would lead to a caffeine OD. The detox part is murder.  I need to drink a couple more bottles of water just the same. Love my drinks, but moderation balances me out.  Did I mention it was hot outside.  Savannah is all sorts of muggy and it always feels like it's flattening me as well as making me sweat.  

I got new tires last year, but I'm a bit worried about having to replace them, cause if i do, where's that money coming from?  I don't have it.  I just overspent for repairs to the battery and alternator that were quite ugly to my bank account.  It hurts to think about this, but one can't turn away.  Bills need to be paid, and thinking of my future is more than important.  You never know with cars and repairs today doesn't prevent another issue.  Will keep it in mind, and allow it to pass.  No need to panic for something that hasn't happened.

Needed to be more creative yesterday, but I found myself with a headache and neck pain.  It's been part stress and part bad sleeping.  At least today there was no neck pains, which made it perfect for driving.  it's that nasty ache that won't go away and I feel like it takes forever for medicine to kick in.  Also congestion please go away.  I need to drink more water for sure at this point.  I hate that feeling in the back of my throat.  When I get insurance again I'm having this check out cause there MUST be a way to be done with this.  It's time to keep on writing, so much luck, love, and success to those striving.

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