Friday, August 24, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 39: Job Searchin'

For those not in the know, to keep receiving unemployment benefits, it requires me to constantly look for and report jobs, which I do.  Today is no different and I need to make sure I scout some leads down and see what I can do in order to get myself productive. While it seems easy and anyone can scout a job (which they can), getting an interview's proven to be tricky as well. It's time to reexamine the resume and make sure it says what it needs to in order to get my foot in the door.

I'm hoping to do at least one film essay per week to keep myself going in regards to my cinema blog.  last week was the Dark Knight Returns.  This week was updating my Catwoman post.  I have a few more in draft, and some others I'm going to write something on, or started notes on.  The goal is to push myself back into writing things I love to do do. This should keep me busy and happy.  Let's keep things moving.

It's been a trying week as I put some things together, and some things seem to fall apart.  Thank God for small favors as things simply fell into place today.  All it took was a little patience, and not reacting first and thinking it over. Crisis averted and then things work better. It means relax.  For the record I've been feeling the need to write again, and that's aways good.  Got some essays I have yet to complete, BUT they're a page long, which is more than enough for a blog post.  let's see where they lead.  Both of them I feel a need to hold onto for revisions.  I'm positive I'll have a better post for both soon.      

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