Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 32: Get Your Life Back

Yo, fuck this post.  It was supposed to be deep and meaningful, but sometimes I just have to go for what I think is shallow (which comes off as deep and meaningful). In this instance I'm a just say my piece and give back the mic.  There are no magic words or tricks to this puzzle.  One has to live through experiences and hopefully process some meanings or reasons behind them.

I was gonna talk about backstabbing, but fuck that too. I've been stabbed in the back, face, neck, legs, all over.  Somehow that HASN'T stopped me from breathing. Take a note: Sometimes things hurt like hell, but many of us get all smart about these events and live. It's how I choose to resolve things that makes the difference.  Who gives a shit if other people have two or more faces and heads?  That's on them. What I do know is that I have to keep things moving forward and without wondering about what could be.  As always I'm ready to say to myself "get over yourself," cause between me and my ego there's no room left for my glorious ID.  If people can't stay real or be real to you, they were never real in the first place.  How the hell is anyone supposed to feel betrayed by that? The realness was never real.  

Sometimes I know I play the sucker's game and allow myself to be miserable, but that's on me.  I made a lot of mistakes, and rather than compound them, I'm here to write that mistakes happen.  I learn, I evolve.  I do not, however wish the mistakes to stay with me. So mistakes you teach me to be a better man. Mistakes you have a certain power that needs to be acknowledged. Mistakes you are who you are in life.  We both will be alright.

Now that I've gotten pseudo Freudian on myself, I think it's best to dust myself off and try again at living, life, and getting a damn job. Mainly cause unemployment will always suck, no matter how sweet it sounds. Living below a poverty level never felt so good.  It does, however put into perspective a lot of things.  The shit I was talking about in this post is NOTHING compared to being unjustly terminated and eating, sleeping, and breathing this BS for eleven months. Did I mention the negative references?  Should I?  I'm a save that for another day. I will say this.  I need to do more "fuck this post" (FTP) type of writing, or as I love to say, "you can suck it!"

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