Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 35: Film and Fun

Im supposed to be sleeping, but I decided that since my mind was calm, it might be a good time to start a new blog post. Posting is tricky. Sometimes the flow of thoughts come easy. Other times my writing gets drier than a sponge in the hot summer Carolina sun. Speaking of dry, my job searching got a bit on the empty side this week. Likewise my creativity followed suit. I hate being unemployed. The structure helped me balance out things.

Took a few days off from posting as my brain felt congested with being cooped up. At the suggestion of a family member I went to the movie theater. I saw The Dark Knight Rises. I'll post more on that via Several Deadly Cines soon. A cool aspect of this trip, besides getting me outta the place was getting a free movie pass when the projector malfunctioned. I got to see the movie in another AND I can see a new film for free.  Talk about good timing. Just the thing to lift my spirits more.

Another piece of cool news was a response from a potential employer.  I'm still in the running for a new position. That interview's around the corner, y'all.  If not back to the drawing board.

Need to start wearing my new shoes, as with the old ones, the ball of my foot aches. It's like a cramp before it intensifies. I suppose it's like the pre-pain moment. Ow, ow, ow! Im hoping me being off my feet will help my feet relax and enjoy not having pressure on them.

When I woke up today I'm reminded that I'm out of allergy meds. I'm so good and mad about it, but replacing them is a top priority. Maybe I'll do more cleaning today.  Can't hurt to get rid of some clutter.

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