Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 31: Smile

Through my experiences I discovered in times of crisis you discover who really supported me. I've said it before, but sometimes all I needed is that the communication of encouragement to keep on moving. Other times I've pick myself up off the floor, dusted off and tried again. This time round it's not all about me.  It's about everyone who's trying to make through the day in peace and positive vibes.

We deserve to be happy, positive people with healthy options in front of us.  Sometimes that doesn't happen.  I hope and pray for y'all that good things come our way.  I pray that people find good jobs that make the difference in their lives. I pray that people treat each other with love and kindness.  Yes, sometimes I'm very optimistic, cheerful, and looking for a lot of miracles.  Should we not belive or have faith in good things in store?

For those who've seen my Facebook page, you know it's mainly about goofy images, and getting people to smile.  Why?  Because sometimes we need a laugh when negativity cloaks itself around us and clouds our thoughts, moods, and senses.  If you get a laugh or smile from this pic, then I'm feeling real good about now for you and me. Sometimes encouragement is all we have for each other.  Last night Mom suggested a couple of Psalms (121, 91) to read from the bible.  It didn't hurt to read, and in fact made my night a lot more positive.  I'm passing them onto you. Best of luck and prayers in your endeavors, and much success in your future.

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