Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday is a Monday

Take the title as you will. I hope my Monday turns into a productive one in spite of feeling a tad bit drowsy.  Speaking of drowsy, I mustn't forget to take my allergy meds.  I cannot afford to have congestion creeping on me. One year it did and it was more than just ugly. Thankfully that hasn't happened in a long time. 

I need to write, and this the my start of the writing day. I felt like I've been in a sort of fog and trying to sort my way though life and creativity.  It gets dense sometimes. Thankfully I don't stop praying or believing things will improve for the better. Can't kill a dream or spirit. I work harder to keep myself going. Never give in or surrender while I have the skills to survive.      

Thought about taking a drive to escape for a moment or two and get outside of the comfort zone. Don't know where I'd go, but it may be nice to go somewhere and relax or read for a while. I'll think more on this.  

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