Monday, March 19, 2012

Yesterday: It Went Before Monday, But Stuff Happens

Yesterday was about running a few errands then relaxing. It felt good. Jotted down plenty of notes for ideas on or stories, which is not a bad thing in my book. Was more than grateful I didn't have the blahs I typically get on Sundays. Used to working during the mornings on Sundays, but that's over with. Looking for some silver linings here. Used the time to reflect on my life and keep up my creativity.  Contemplated a lot of ideas yesterday and how to implement them.

Yesterday was also about not turning the TV on. I really wasn't keen on watching anything. Didn't even feel like gaming. Mind you, I'm not moping. That blah feeling typically has me feeling down and defeated. Not Turing the TV on has me thinking of ideas and concepts. I get this pleasant exchange for not killing my brain cells with too much television programming that does nothing but distract me with banality.  That's not to say its all bad.  A lot of it really is not for me.  

Yesterday I had some chicken wings and I swear pieces of meat always gets caught between my teeth. Got the floss and toothbrush and worked that out. Literally.

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