Saturday, March 24, 2012


Yesterday I did some late night tweets on the death of Trayvon Martin who was slain while walking home. He was accosted for nothing more than the fact that he was a black youth.  His killer was not charged and it appears a proper investigation wasn't done. Needless to say there's been huge press coverages as this case grows.  Outrage and disgust barely touches what's rightly coming from so many people.

What I'd like to address is how society still has a long way to go in order to banish racism, and how racism flourishes to this day. We have many so people of color who've been maligned, marginalized, discriminated against, not for their actions, but the color of his and her skin.  Some people are in jail or in their graves early due to the unleashed hatred and racist behaviors they used to oppress and destroy.

There are unspoken rules/attitudes about people of color "knowing your place," and not having the right to assert our rights as human beings.  Even further many don't believe that people of color can be articulate, educated, professional, and demanding.  We're all supposed to fit a stereotype and statistic. It's hardly fair and its hardly an ideal society.

When my mother arrived in Charleston, SC it was acceptable for people to call her "nigger" to her face.  In the process of obtaining her education she had to deal with instructors who didn't want to be bothered with black students. My mother imparted this to us, her children so we knew what her life was like and how we had a lot of obstacles in our paths as young men.  It's amazing to me that we've come so far in life, but it seems like the same actions repeat themselves in a day and age when the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama is a black man, and still respect that's due to all is given to only a few.

For my own experiences I've been the recipient of racism and discrimination many times.  These are the moments people try to steal my humanity and dignity with their actions.  The amount of lies, hatred, deceit, and pain some caused with their actions don't register with them, because some really show that they don't have to respect or treat me and others on a level with themselves.

What can any of us do in the face of this indignity?  We persevere, keep it moving, maintain our goals, and provide examples and encouragement for ourselves, each other, and the next generation. We are all people.  We are all beautify, and God willing we will rise above those who try to constrain and oppress us with their hate.  

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