Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Lovely Sleep-A-Holic Fantasies

Today was one of those days where I woke up early, turned on the TV, and fell back asleep.  Resisted the urge to do anything, and I felt like it was worth it.  Then I stumbled out of bed.  I hope this is DST effects and nothing more. I'm needing to use that time for my own projects. Never give up.    

Well I'm supposed to be writing, but found myself gabbing and laying in my favorite chair feeling like a champ.  I know that's not the way to get things done, and after doing some half-assed inspiration for a new concept last night, I was grateful I placed it in my notebook.  That reminds me to put the "available" pen back in its proper spot, since I removed it and have it in the wrong place now.

Was laughing with a friend about some ups and downs and the many good things that happen in life, which in itself is a good thing.  Yesterday I did take a few pictures that I said I would use as inspiration in part for stories and screenplays. I dunno what I have yet, but I know I liked the images.  This is the start of something exciting.  Theme is important, and I'd like to see me work closer with my ideas and themes.

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