Monday, July 30, 2012

Uneployment Sucks Part 30: Sunday

Its time for a distraction. Been enjoying the silence of this day so far. Sometimes being able to lay on the couch and relax gives me comfort that I didn't have before. Also allergy meds make me woozy and no good.

Today is a out accepting there are actions that simply cannot be controlled and being free of the worry. Sometimes stress gets too me. Today is about letting it come for me and leaving without harming me. It's like the tide beneath my feet. It hits, surrounds me, and then leaves. I'm no worse for time taking its natural course. I am worse off when I try to hold the tide back. I might as well count the grains of sand. Feel the change coming through. Feel myself being part of change. Feel me letting go of a lot of things. Releasing a lot of tension will hold the key to my success.

My time to rise and shine once again with strengthen me. The younger me could not endure this. The younger me could not fathom such pain and resilience. The younger me could not strike the precious balance between being a part of something greater than myself and bing apart from something greater than myself. A huge part of my life is struggling to learn, accept, move on. Change is difficult. Life is difficult. I am complex and evolving. I want to be more than where I am now. That takes effort and commitment. I will make sure I devote energy to my well-being.

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