Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unemployment Sucks 23: Shake It Off

Rejection is so disheartening, and I got another email confirming I didn't get yet another job I applied for.  Sometimes I look at the messages, laugh, and move on.  It does suck being unemployed, but no time to mope and feel sorry for myself. Bad news does leech onto my good spirits, and rejection is that kick nobody likes to feel unless you're a masochist. Sometimes this coats my world and I feel less shiny and new than I love to feel.

Besides that I've been keeping busy with more applications, half-assing a few things, and feeling my creativity die on the vine, which I hate. This week's been trying as all get out with parking woes, fees I didn't expect, and me trying to get my brain together.  Sometimes I'm happy to lay on the couch and de-stress.  

Been feeling cooped up as of late. Got too caught up in other things to write well. Stress ain't pretty.

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