Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 24: A Family Affair

My family visited me yesterday, which I appreciated. This week's been a mess of stress, and I needed to get some TLC from the people who matter to me. Car got fixed and did it cost me the money I intended to pay my bills with.  Unfortunately one can't apply for jobs and take interviews without a ride. The end  of this month is gonna squeeze with a strength of a vice grip. Gotta deal with it as it comes.  It's the stuff of hardships.  At least the car's operational at this time.  Thank God.   

It's nice to see people who have time for you and enjoy being around me. I've said it before, there are others who are less fortunate than others when it comes to support.  I'm reminding you to be strong, and don't forget to love yourself.  I was stressed, and tired, but I made it through, and so will you.  One less my family taught me is you can let go and be rid of a gang of pain. If you can, reach out to your peeps. if they don't respond, find someone who's interested and at least willing to tell you their opinion or wish you good luck.  If they not talking back, they not gonna help you in the long run.  

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