Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 26: You Want To Purchase What?

There's a new software on discount for writers that I got my eye on.  Before I make the purchase I had to ask myself what bills did I pay and what do I have to spare for said software.  I told myself to hold off on purchasing even if I miss the discount in order to make sure I got my necessities out of the way.  If I was working this wouldn't even be an issue.  I'd just purchase the software and it'd be done.  It doesn't work like that anymore.  After putting in nearly $300 for car repairs (added it up last night), I knew there was a real vacuum in my funds.  Better to use what writing software I own at the moment, forget the discount, and wait until all my woes are calmed.   Not mad about that.

Speaking of not mad, yesterday and today are about simple joys.  One of those joys is making dinner.  I'm making lasagna.  Made the sauce last night.  Will write that up in a separate post.  Today I'm putting the ingredients together for an awesome baking in the oven.  Being able to drive to the store is a good thing.  Don't think I could walk that amount of stuff home.

Did type out some new ideas for a concept so at least I'm still writing.  Will keep on writing, cause it needs to be done.  Thinking of a sci-fi hero novel that involves super heroes. We'll put this one in development my concepts folder.  

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