Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 29: Anticipation

"Anticipation" is the name of the song on my playlist, and it's as appropriate title as any for this post.  The song is an old school funk/slow jam by the Bar-Kays.  A little something rich and mellow from my youth.  it reminds me of a lot of good things that happen and I treasure for memories.  Every now and then I need a reminder of good things that make me feel good.  It's a mellow Sunday, and I need to relax and write a little.  By little I mean a couple of blog posts.

Had the thought to do more cinema studies essays, which my cinema blog's been lacking like a politician and the truth. I need to write more just the same. Admittedly my creativity has left me so often.  It's a result of not working.  I do feel the weight of stress on my body and soul. Gotta fight that.  I'm a bit at a low point, but I'm not defeated. There's no giving up, and if i have to meditate to purge my soul and body of this I will.  If anything I'm a determined man, and I'm determined not to succumb to despair.

To end on a pleasing note, I've been jotting down notes and ideas, so I'm not 100% creatively bankrupt. Sometimes I'm simply going through a dry spell.  I anticipate me getting my groove and soul back. It's only a matter of time. Time I greatly look forward to.

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