Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 19: You Didn't Know

No adventure seems complete without me thinking, "what's next."  Has my life become a 50s serial film complete with cliffhanger? No. Well for one thing a 50s films are long before my time and in the present I simply want to love the moment I'm in. Speaking of moments, one thing important to me is writing, and I now have some short stories I will eventually present to my writing group. I'm excited because it's me doing something in addition to looking for more work, and not going bonkers in the process.

Yes, there's gaming, which I love deeply, and I will play some today, but I need more outlets.  I crave the creativity.  I got a few more projects I need to dig into as well.  Getting to write in this time is a great boon for me.  I hope to use more of my time in a creative fashion.  

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