Friday, July 13, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 20: Laughing

Part of the reasons I'm loving writing this series is it's keeping me writing on a frequent basis.  That's always good for me.  As I wrote on my Cinema blog, getting to feel humor is a great thing too.  Sometimes the mind needs to unwind, and as someone who loves a good laugh, I need to stop and smell the hot tea in the morning.  I so want coffee but my congestion says "hell no" at this moment.  Trust me, congestion trumps coffee. - I digress.

Today is about not being wrapped too tight in the sense that sometimes being silly can improve my overall mood.  Why am I stressing? I got this wonderful gift to use for myself and for others.  it's time to shine with a God-given talents for life and to be free of the dumbness that is trials and tribulations that I face.  Not making the problems go away (being financially destitute), but I don't have to be upset over events I can't control.  All I really can do is be me and stop worrying, give my efforts all that I can supply, and move on.

In the meantime I got some humor and some love of humor to share, and rather than let that be doused, why not let it shine.  I want to laugh, smile, and enjoy my time.  I wouldn't mind others to laugh and smile as well. So yeah, unemployment still sucks, but I can deal.  Y'all knew I could all the time.  

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