Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 21: Re-invent Me

This is one of those times where suggestions, a helping hand and good thoughts came my way. For one thing my car is mess right now, and the part I ordered is a mess of not getting here.  I'd love to think that  stress is manageable, but it gets under my skin from time to time. I suppose it wouldn't be stress if it wasn't.  I digress.

I went to the store yesterday with a friend who was kind enough to take me, so I got what I needed, and I was more than grateful to get those errands done. In addition to the coolness of getting things done, one of my siblings suggested I should fully reinvent myself as a full-time writer. It's not like I wasn't creative before, but I got more free time on my hands and I do write all the darn time, right?

Now I need to give myself more assignments and get stuff done on a daily basis.  I suppose the blogs don't count cause I do them all the time. Still a bit exciting and scary.  I need to write down the schedule for projects and keep off the internet while working unless it's necessary.  What a fascinating challenge.  A little scary too.  

So here's to a chance to try a different angle to my productivity. Writer and job hunter by day. The possibilities appear endless.  Let me start with a list, and then get them executed during the week.  It's more like homework that i don't mind doing.  I'll figure this out.

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