Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 27: Damn It

As always I'm looking for new jobs.  Today is no different.  Put in applications for library assistant positions, admin assistants, and anything else I could find.  The pay for several of these jobs is quite underwhelming.  One makes more on unemployment than with the job itself.  it as if they jobs are designed to keep people destitute financially.  Needless to say I'm still looking and submitting for jobs.  I call this "ultra stress," cause the future doesn't look so bright.  Then you have people bickering in congress fucking about because they couldn't give a damn about the economy.  So what if I can't get a decent job or get off unemployment.  Who gives a shit if they are in power if they do nothing with it but hold people in contempt as they play out their games?

I don't need a promise from a politician.  What I need is some action.  So damn it, I'm frustrated.  It doesn't mean giving up.  It doesn't mean it's hopeless.  Time and prayer shall open the right doors for me.  Of that, I'm not afraid.  In the meantime that bleakness creeps in like a sour visitation that does nothing for me, but attempt to bring misery. I'm a cast it out like I do all negativity. Eventually what I'm looking for will arrive, and that's gonna be my best game changer.  I will say this.  unjust terminations do make for fucked up situations.  Forcing someone to scrape by is pretty low, however good shall come from this mess.  That you really can believe shall pass.

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