Sunday, July 08, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 15: In the Meantime

Time to get up and about as the upsets have come back into the picture.  By upsets I mean budgeting issues that happen from time to time and make my days rather longer than they need to be.  My alternator died, and that shit's just rough on me. Looking over some prices now for parts and places to order them from.  Ordering is one way to keep the costs down, cause as it stands, the prices is pretty high.  Too high for an unemployed Brother.

I'm reminded at these times, that I must appear like some sort of sad, stereotypical Black man with little or no prospects.  Sometimes I do feel the diminished capacity of my dreams and goals.  I'm not getting younger, after all, and the universe keeps on moving regardless of my status. I'm here to say to all, "perish that line of thinking."

A brother may be down, but keeping his spirits up and about.  I didn't hit rock bottom. I didn't die.  I won't give up.  Of course without a car it makes going to the store a bit difficult.  I need my allergy medicine, which I just ran out of, and a few other supplies. Of course, I also need to make sure I have some money for the alternator.  This remains why unemployment sucks.  I digress.

I have to get myself into a positive mode of thinking. This means looking to see how I can stay positive.  It's time for a writing project.  Let's see, what to write about this time? I think I'm gonna put a lot of effort int my screenplay today.  Why not? I have a lot of free time, and I can do more than gaming or being upset about the upsets.  Life is tough.  I'm tough. I'm a get through the ups and downs with strength, love, and hope.  I pray a lot too, as y'all know.

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