Saturday, July 07, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 14: Job Interview

This week's been about running all the errands and completing tasks that needed to get done.  That makes me feel good as well.  In addition, after months of application and resume submission I had an interview yesterday.  So yes, way to go perseverance! Well I think the interview went well.  Let's hope my impression made the employee feel confident.  I felt confident.  It's always good to know talents and skills get attention, so this is a positive thing.  

Yesterday I also had some car issues, that I can't fix immediately. I would feel a lot more confident IF I had a job because I had the money to cover the expense. The perk of unemployment is you will have to wait to resolve things, however it will be resolved. Perseverance rules! As always I have to keep hope alive, and remind myself things improve over time.

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