Thursday, July 05, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 13: Try Again

I named this post after the Aaliyah song, "Try Again," which is todays's topic. Rejection of any kind can sting like crazy, but the fact that one doesn't give up is worthy of recognition.  We all face obstacles and pitfalls that knock us down, but we dust ourselves off and get back into the game.  It's really about uplifting our own spirits, minds and bodies so that we can make the difference in the quality of our own lives, and the live of those around us.

Unemployment still sucks, but a Brother has to place his focus on the best things in his life.  Part of that was the gratitude I do have for the positive, and an appreciation for the negative, which comes to everyone all the time.  It cannot defeat us.  It cannot hold us back.  The power to endure and persevere resides in all of us.  Adversities come and go, and we know how to navigate them.

I believe in prayer, God, and fortify myself with many blessings God's bestowed upon me.  I know not everyone believes, but that doesn't mean you can't keep striving for positive outcomes.  You must put positive energy out and sow your seeds.

Now have I felt like giving up, and feeling that agony of defeat? Yes, yes, yes!  I however often feel it's a must to remind myself that I was not made for nothing, and the limitations others wish to place upon me doesn't mean I must accept their thoughts as my own.  So hitting the wall is rough, falling down has a lasting, humiliating blow, like being kicked in the butt by a stranger and falling face first on the concrete. I've learned to not accept a need of validation from those who don't matter.  Those who love and support me matter.  Those who cannot abide fall to the wayside.  It is a truth you will see over and over again.

So onto the next resume and application submission.  My time to shine, like yours, will arrive in due time.

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