Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unemployment Sucks Part 17: Go Team Reemployment

I'm thinking I shouldn't write this post while listening to Mariah Carey's cover of "Without You,"but it's such a pretty and haunted/dark song. She puts some conviction in her pain. I admire the artistry and talent. Needless to say, this is how I'm working on this post. I'm a deal with it, and now everyone else has to.

Artistry aside, this is me putting more efforts into winning. I'm staying positive, and looking for more places to submit applications and resumes.  The odds are slim, and it's quite the downer.  The song itself isn't making me feel bad, it's the atmosphere of not working.  That sucks wild cat ass. Gonna keep it moving.

I so need to move to another city and find my fortune elsewhere. Dealing with some more budgeting issues really has me in a tailspin that I hope will not be the end of me trying to manage my own funds. I'm reminded that prayer's gotten me through a lot of things. It will help me now.

Since I do have some free time on my hands, it's time to look in this cabinet and see if anything in here is worth keeping.  If it's not, like all the negativity, it has to get the heck out.   This reminds me to play something more upbeat and happy.

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